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It's that time of year again!


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The festive season is almost upon us and for those of us who have been tasked with the job of making Christmas dinner, you may want to start thinking about what you are going to serve. Since most of us feel like we need to have a lie down after eating Turkey with all the trimmings, it’s a good idea to serve something light as a starter. Why not try a simple salad made with mixed salad leaves, toasted almonds, red onion and crumbled blue cheese. To top it off and to make it extra festive drizzle over a tasty Cranberry Vinaigrette. Don’t forget to buy a Typhoon Salad Shaker to help mix up your dressing!   


4 tbsp Raspberry Vinegar

70 g Dried Cranberries  

Salt and Pepper

1 tsp Sugar

4 tbsp Olive Oil  


Season the vinegar with salt, pepper and sugar. Whisk in the oil. Pour into a Typhoon Salad Shaker, add the cranberries and leave to soak for 15 minutes. Shake well and pour over salad.   Image taken from All Recipes UK